Thank you again to the folks at the fishpond at Waikalua Loko I`a Alaka`i for hosting KBG’s return of the Membership Luncheon in July 2021. We greatly appreciate Herb Lee, Jr. with his passionate, intelligent, and informative presentation and “field trip” to take an up-close and personal look at the fish pond’s construction, operation, and future goals to develop it to a full functional operation. Herb discussed the integration of ancient and new technologies to help make the fishpond productive again and a resource for the community. We learned about the education opportunities to all the local schools and internships to help learn about the culture of fishponds and environmental impacts of having and not having them as a food production resource.

Also a big thank you to our newest member: Local Boy Sushi for the excellently made bento boxes and refreshments. A perfect match to our event!  Many thanks to all who could make it so great to see everyone! We can’t wait to do it again next  month!