The Harold K.L. Castle Foundation’s Ko‘olau Pilina Fund is now accepting applications for community resilience proposals.

The Harold K. Castle Foundation Team Members Speaking about their new Pilina Grant program.

The Board of the Directors for the Kaneohe Business Group thanks everyone who braved the weather “adverse driving” to attended our latest February 2023 luncheon event held again at the lovely Honey’s restaurant on the Koolau Country Club location. A great discussion with an extensive Q&A session to discover the details of the process and review of the grants proposed, given and considered for award to the members of the windward community. Thanks again to Cathy Williams and the whole Second Helpings staff for another great catered lunch.

Pilina Fund 2022-2023

The purpose of the Koʻolau Pilina Fund (the fund) is to build community resilience in Koʻolau, Oʻahu, which is defined, for these purposes, as the region between Kahuku and Makapuʻu, Oʻahu. The fund is intended to support trusted, community-based organizations with the greatest potential to build well-connected, safe, and strong communities.

The fund prioritizes projects tailored to Koʻolau communities. The Committee will prioritize proposals that:

·      Show alignment to Pilina Fund Values and Priorities (see below);

·      Request between $3,000 and $15,000;

·      Come from or are sponsored by an organization with IRS 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status;

·      Do not duplicate program grants by the Castle Foundation.

The Pilina Fund Committee will use the following Values to shape decision making and prioritization of projects:

Pilina: We believe in building long-term community well-being by strengthening the positive connections between people and place. We hope to invest in pilina through projects that demonstrate collaboration and partnership—or an intention to collaborate—as concrete examples of the pursuit of long-term resiliency.

Pono: As much as possible, we desire to be pono and strive for balance across the Koʻolau region. Our goal is to spread funding equitably, while also working to ensure the funding is reaching projects that best represent the purposes of the fund.

Ola Ka ʻĀina, Ola Ke Kanaka: It is important that these funds support both healthy people and healthy lands. If our land thrives, so do we as a Koʻolau community.

Aloha Koʻolau: All projects must be community-led and specific to the unique needs of our Koʻolau communities. The fund will support projects that understand the unique needs of our neighbors and find creative solutions to meet these needs. Especially important are projects that demonstrate collaboration among Koʻolau-based organizations or entities.

The Pilina Fund Committee will prioritize projects that create more opportunities for:

  • Strong families
  • Supportive, safe, and prepared communities
  • Interacting with ʻāina, farming, and food security in the region
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Community-based education and learning

Download the Pilina form here:

Harold K. L. Castle Foundation
was founded in 1962 by Harold K.L. Castle. Upon his death in 1967, Mr. Castle bequeathed a sizeable portion of his real estate assets to the Foundation. These assets, which have all been converted from real estate holdings to a diverse portfolio of securities, are the base from which the Foundation’s grants are made.
The Foundation is one of the largest private foundation based in Hawaii. Each year the Directors award grants to nonprofit organizations benefiting the people of the State of Hawaii. The Foundation’s current investments are focused on public education redesign and enhancement, nearshore marine resource conservation, and strengthening the communities of Windward Oahu. Since its inception, the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation has awarded over $200 million in grants, with more than $60 million going to organizations serving Windward Oahu. Currently, the Foundation disburses an average of $6 million in grants per year.