Wow, what we can we say about the latest luncheon and speaker presentation. “Mind blowing”! Everyone in attendance were so impressed with Ian Kitajima’s talk and discussion about the new technology advancements in Artificial Intelligent. I an went over the history, the current status, some of the major benefits and potential pitfalls of the rapidly changing environment of this revolutionary new tool. There was a very deep Q&A session and we ran over-time with the flood of information provided and the members’ never-ending inquisitive interest in the subject and Ian’s descriptions of the new world of technology and future.

Thank you so much to Ian Kitajima for such a wealth of knowledge and  the ability to break it down in to palatable terms and explanations to the layman and beginners in the group. Truly fascinating luncheon with amazing catering provided by Aloha Salads at Windward Mall.

Mr. Kitajima was the “Tech Sherpa” and Director of Corporate Development at Oceanit for over 21 years developing and commercializing next generation technologies for defense, medical, clean energy, and consumer applications. While at Oceanit he co-founded 3 venture startups, initiated new areas such as nanotechnology and applied AI, and championed the Design Thinking and computer science movements in public education for over a decade.

He is a Board member for several organizations such as PBS Hawaii, Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation, the Workforce Development Council, University of Hawaii Alumni Association, and the Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs.

Mr. Kitajima is a proud public-school graduate of Castle High School, Windward Community College, and received is BBA with a double major in Marketing and International Business from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

A very fascinating opportunity to learn and meet fellow KBG members while discussing the most important new technology in science. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or a novice-user, this event is perfect for anyone looking to have a good time and educate yourself. Don’t miss out on the chance to socialize, eat good food fully catered while you network, and hear some intelligent.