Last month’s Kaneohe Business Group’s luncheon was on Wednesday, September 22th at 11:30am at Pohai Nani. Our speaker was John Fred Bogert of John B. Design. He gave a great discussion on the intricacies of website marketing and how to effectively utilize social media for your business titled: “Using creativity and web-based tools to effectively communicate your message to a targeted audience”. He covered a range of topics including the art of small business marketing and conceptual communication using the tools of the internet; websites, search engines, and social media. There was a brief overview followed by a Q&A session to answer all of the questions the group had on web-based business marketing techniques. A very spirited and informative conversation. Thank you!

John “Fred” created John B. Design (JBD) over 15 years ago in New York specializing in small and local business marketing. Now, JBD is a successful, Honolulu-based, Graphic Design & Web Development business for clients’ throughout the United States; Hawaiian Islands, New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Miami. He has extensive design and marketing experience, as well as an expert’s knowledge of the most contemporary tools-of-the-trade in local business advertising.