Karen O'Neil
Another great networking event with a special speaker giving valuable news and insights. This month, we are pleased to announce that we will hear from Karen C. O’Neil,“Getting Affairs in Order”. A certified wellness counselor and a prior member of the American Counseling Association. Her knowledge in counseling, coupled with a real life experience with the death of a family member, has inspired her to help others protect their families and loved ones. She is the author of A Guide to Getting Affairs in Order,
designed for people to write down where they keep their important documents and what their last wishes are.

Karen is determined to help families have peace of mind by guiding them to communicate and avoid being caught needlessly in an unfortunate situation during a time of grief.
Her intent is to take the scary and uncomfortable out of the conversations people need to have. She taught classes at Kaimuki Adult School as a community service, and continues to speak to groups whenever there is an opportunity.