Kathryn “Katie” Ranney

The Kaneohe Business Group hosted their first Virtual meeting during the COVD-19 pandemic this week using th eZOOM application for virtual conferences. It was a great success! The membership came out “in force” and it was so great too see and talk to all of our wonderful professionals and friends again. Our speaker was Katryn “Katie” Ranney of the Mediation Center of the Pacific who delivered a fantastic presentation on the world of Mediation for all types of people, businesses, and situations that arise through conflict of normal everyday life. She spoke about how the center has an informational approach to solving conflict over: housing, relationships, and business partnerships. They offer a non-legal and “no courts” litigation for people looking fora resolution. They are confidential and take into account the “human” aspect of a situation unlike the judicial system. Katie emphasized the importance of “clarification of Point-of-View” in a lot of disputes. The Center provides low cost (sliding scale) and sometimes free help to over 7000 individuals annually with  55% success rate! Thank you for your time Ms Ranney and thank you  to the membership for their attendance. Let’s do this again next month!

Kathryn “Katie” Ranney is the Special Programs Coordinator for the Mediation Center of the Pacific, a not-for-profit corporation that serves over 6,000 people annually through direct mediation and dispute resolution processes that enable people to resolve a broad array of disputes. She coordinates training, outreach, and special program management. Ranney has been involved with conflict management and resolution for 13 years, mostly as a facilitator for non-profits and businesses looking for alignment, strategic planning, and team building. She also teaches classes through the Matsunaga Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution at University of Hawaii at Mānoa. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. from Santa Clara University, and earned her Masterâ’s degree in Communication with a Conflict Resolution Certificate from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa.

Katie Ranney
Special Programs Coordinator
The Mediation Center of the Pacific, Inc.
“Helping People Talk, Negotiate and Resolve Conflict Creatively.”
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