Free tuition for the first year and opportunities for on-and-off campus jobs are available this fall for Windward Oʻahu high school graduating seniors enrolling at Windward Community College.

The Hoʻolei Tuition Award provides full-tuition for the first year—fall and spring semesters—at Windward CCfor 2022 graduates of public and charter schools in Windward Oʻahu. The award offers tuition savings of up to $3,144, and, for many, a chance to attend college.

On- and off-campus jobs will allow students to work, earn money and gain valuable experience while pursuing their degrees. Windward CC offers jobs on campus with flexible schedules to support students during class time and exam periods, and partners with Windward area businesses that provide college-friendly workplaces.

Hoʻolei allows our students to pursue college and the rewarding, often higher-paying careers it opens doors to, growing the students and providing for our families and communities. Our seniors are our next community leaders! Hoʻolei, through the generosity of Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, provides the possibility for college and a pathway to leadership!” said Windward CC Chancellor Ardis Eschenberg.

Graduating seniors in Hawaiʻi’s class of 2022 can apply now for the upcoming summer and fall 2022 semesters at

Helping students persist during COVID-19

Windward CC has made a significant commitment to serving the needs of students during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing food to hungry students through the Meals with a Mission program.

Now, $400,000 of tuition support is available to high school graduates attending Windward CC over the next two years. The Hoʻolei Tuition Award was created with a grant from Harold K.L. Castle Foundation. To learn more about Windward CC’s Hoʻolei Tuition Award program, email or visit the Hoʻolei web page.

Windward CC also features the Hānaiaulu Childcare Center, the only Hawaiian language-based childcare center in the UH system, which provides students with access to quality infant and toddler childcare … READ MORE

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