luncheon v-july 2020

The Kaneohe Business Group hosted their 2nd Virtual meeting this week using the ZOOM application for virtual conferences. Everyone was very engaging and it was greta to see our members. Everyone is doing good and fairing well during this time of uncertainty. Dennis Wong had a wealth of knowledge on the world of small business banking and capital investment using SBDC. They deal with business development, strategy planning and Start-up requirements. These can all be accessed through a FREE consultation by one of their experts. Dennis explained the PPP loan programs and how they are calculated, Mr. Wong had a lot of possible options of debt analysis and credit vs loan repayment. There was a very interesting discussion on HELOC’s for business capital while using the “5-C’s” of credit: Capacity, Collateral, Credit availability, Current Market Conditions, etc..

We will be posting some more information about the SBDC and their webinar series for further study by the membership. Thanks to all who participated.

See you next time!

SBDC – Webinar link:

How to Start a Small Business (Oahu)

Aug 12 2020 | Wed 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Online
Facilitated by O‘ahu Center

Speaker(s): Dennis Wong, Hawai‘i SBDC Senior Business Advisor

We’re pleased to announce our entrepreneurship class focused on people who are at the beginning stages of starting their business on O‘ahu. This class will address all of the important topics you must consider before investing money or time, and so it is a very important step in the process of starting your business. This event is ONLINE ONLY, Live Stream!