The Kaneohe Business Group would like to thank Kathy Morris, for her  talk about the youth financial program for  school children. It was a very interesting discussion about how her project works and the benefit students are getting out of the “real world” game of “LIFE” they have developed. Its  great plan to help 1900+ students this year to understand the complicated world of finances and what their parents have had to do to raise them! We talked about: ​Financial advisement, youth realization of money and savings, and the value of moving forward in a “debt-&-stress free” environment. Great stuff! Thank you for your tie.

Kathy Morris, Program Director for Financial Reality Foundation in Alaska and Hawaii, brings a wealth of experience in the financial education arena.  She works closely with credit unions and community partners ​​to promote​ ​financial literacy programs in schools.  ​For over six years as an accredited​ certified financial counselor, Kathy has taught financial education classes and workshops for credit union professionals and communities as requested.  She has facilitated and counseled, groups, individuals, and families ​to assist them in building a better financial future.  ​ ​Kathy served on the DOE Financial Literacy Task Force to work to find ways to institute more financial education into schools islandwide.  Her efforts led to the DOE allowing the Get REAL Financial Reality Fairs to be introduced in schools.  Currently, Kathy serves on the Board of Directors of Hawaii Jump$tart Coalition and Hawaii Council on Economic Education; both whose mission is to bring financial education into our community and schools.  She has spoken at numerous events on the benefits of being financially healthy.  Kathy works to bring Get REAL Financial Reality Fairs into schools by establishing partnerships that share the same values in educating our next generation.  Kathy desires to further her vision to bring resources to empower high school teens, members, and community at large with the tools to improve their financial health and put them on the path to success.